Management Team

Ms Abbott - Executive Headteacher

Ms Bliss - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Hussain - Teaching and Learning Consultant 


Year 3 Team

Ms Spencer- Head of Year 3 and Teacher 3VS

Mrs Clark - Teacher 3SC

Mrs Shaheen - Teacher 3FS 

Year 4 Team

Mr Hussain - Head of Year 4 and Teacher 4MH

Ms Zia - Teacher 4JZ

Mrs Popa - Teacher 4CP 

Year 5 Team

Mrs Islam - Head of Year 5 and Teacher 5AI

Ms Noor - Teacher 5NN

Miss Benford - Teacher 5PB


Year 6 Team

Mrs Hussain - Head of Year 6 and Teacher 6KH

Ms Khan - Head of Year 6 and Teacher 6KH

Mrs Mitchell - Teacher 6CM

Miss Bassett - Teacher 6SB 


HLTAs and Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bhatia - HLTA

Mrs Unnisa - HLTA

Mrs Siad - HLTA

Miss Bashir - HLTA

Miss Ilayas - HLTA

Mrs Sheikh - HLTA



Mrs Aftowicz - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Khanom - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sohail -Teaching Assistant

Miss Ahmed - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Ahmed - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bukhari - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Raja - Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Choudhury - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bi - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kausar - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Baltariu - Learning Support Assistant with other languages



Other Staff

Mrs Brooks - Inclusion Manager

Miss McGillivary - Inclusion Assistant

Mr Scales - Achievement Leader (Science)

Mrs Hasnain - Emotional Wellbeing Support Officer

Mr Blunt - P.E. Instructor

Mr Evans - PE Teaching Assistant


Family Workers

Mrs Ulzaman

Mrs Rahman 

Office Staff

Mrs Rhodes - Bursar

Mrs Bland - School Secretary

Mrs Maher - Clerical Assistant

Miss Welch - PA to Headteacher

Ms Walton - Welfare Assistant