Online Safety

Technology has become an ever more important part of our lives over the last decade. We use it every day for study, work, entertainment, shopping and getting in touch with our family and friends. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways of finding information, sharing ideas and working collaboratively. 

As a parent, the growth of technology and online resources has made it harder than ever to keep children safe online. As well as opportunities, there are also risks that we need to be aware of and guard against. As children get older they spend more and more of their waking hours connected to digital devices—impacting their reputations, learning opportunities, and futures.

At Foxdell we are committed to supporting our parents in understanding what their children are doing online and providing them with advice to help their children stay safe online.

This area is designed to provide parents with links to important information and links to a variety of different websites to help them understand how to support their children whilst navigating a n ever changing online world.

If you need additional support

If you are experiencing issues with your child's online usage or would like further advice, please contact the school office to make an appoitnment with Mr Kerr, Ms Bliss or Mrs Abbott and we will do what we can to help you.

Online Gaming

The every growing world of online gaming is one of the areas where parents are most concerned about their children's safety. Check out our Online Gaming page for resources to help you ensure you know the risks and can support your children to stay safe when gaming online.




Play Like Share

A series of 3 cartoons aimed at teaching children how to share content and interact with others online safely.








Common Sense Media

This may be an American site, but don't let that put you off. A real Aladdin's cave of useful information for any parent. Common Sense rate a vast range of games, books and online media to help you to understand the risks your child might be exposed too. A great community with lots of advice from other parents to help you decide if Dragon Quest VII,  World Of Warcaft: Legion or thousands of others are acceptable for your child.








A key voice in keeping children safe online, Childnet's Parents and Carers section has a lot of excellent support for parents looking for help and advice.  




Childnet Hot Topics

Get to the heart of the biggest issues affecting children online. From cyberbullying to social media and beyond, these handy guides will quickly get you up to speed on the key issues.






Think U Know

An excellent source of up to date advice and support for parents. 









NSPCC Share Aware

Helping you support your child in understanding the skills required to share information online safely.