Further Information

The following we believe are useful reference points to get more detailed information about these issues: 

The general principles that schools should follow are set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Each school has its own child protection policy describing the procedures which will be followed when concerns arise about a pupil which will be freely available to all parents. 

The government has also issued advice to schools on implementing the Prevent Duty:

The Prevent Duty: Departmental advice for schools and childcare providers: 

Further advice on the practical steps schools can take when implementing the Prevent duty is also available on the Educate Against Hate website: 

Locally the local authority Education in Safeguarding website has useful information on this area 

Again, locally the Let’s Talk About It web portal contains useful information on Prevent – we would encourage parents to review this information at

NSPCC Article

Please click the following link to an article on the NSPCC website which you may be interested in reading

Why radicalisation is a child protection issue - tips for parents